Friday, March 6, 2009

Saturday - State Tournament !

So Saturday started off with the JV boys game first! They played a hard game but lost by four points! It was SO sad!:(

After the JV lost we were determined that the varsity was bringing home 1st!!! It was a very nerve wreaking game! The other team really expected to beat us, but we pulled it off! We were behind by 10 then came back to get ahead by 20, when they came back in the second half! It ended up going in to double over time!!! Our guys battled it out and at the end stood high by only four points!! At the sound of the buzzer we ran the court jumping and screaming!! It was SO much fun!:D Here are some pictures, thanks again to Sarah H.

The JV team second in state!
Congratulations:Sean,Calab,Reid,Mark,Cameron,Emmanuel,Logan,Jordan,Daniel,Micah and Coach Matt!

Our starting line up- praying.

Tip off!
Yes, that other guy is grabbing my brother's wrist! He is just too short!;)

Nick doing a lay-up Devin is in front of him(24)

Nick,doing another lay-up

Raleigh Hawks Varsity Boys Basketball
State Champs!!!!

Eric,Devin,Chris,Sam,Kyle,Sebastian,Nick,Brandon W., Brandon G., Adam, Coach Matt and Coach Chip!!

Holding the trophy all sweaty, and tired, but #1, baby!

It was just Nick and I, but then Adam(30) and Devin(24) were like, hey they're taking a picture!

Kara (One of my best friends) and I!!
The whole second overtime Kara and me were praying and praying!
We were both SO nervous!
Lizzie(Another one of my Best friends) and I both have to work the concession stand!
We had a lot of fun!:D

The girls, all my best friends!
I have no clue why I'm so short in this picture!?!

My water bottle, which I had all the guys sign!

BTW, next week I'm turning 16!!;)


  1. Natalie said...

    Congratulations to the Raleigh Hawks!...even though y'all beat Forsyth. ;)

    You're turning 16, Anna? Fun!! :)

  2. Annabeth said...

    Forsyth,put up a very good fight! We enjoyed playing them.

    Yes my sweet 16 is Thursday!:)

  3. Jessica said...

    Anna, for some reason you look a lot like Kara in that picture with you and Lizzie in the concession stand.

  4. Sarah said...

    Jessica,I do look like Kara! How funny!

  5. Annabeth said...

    I hate it when I post in Sarah's name!:(

  6. Jos said...

    There are two easy ways to fix that: ask Sarah to not leave herself logged in, or masquerade as Sarah to discourage her from leaving herself logged in. :)

  7. Abby said...

    Happy Birhthday!

    oh u play the violin? AWESOME! I love it...

  8. Lauren said...

    Hey! That is so cool that we have the same birthday...I have never me anyone else who was born the same day! I'll be 17. Oh I recognized the pictures of Lizzie H. Our families were really good friends when we were about 2-3 years old, but we don't see them much now! anyways thanks for commenting!

  9. Josh said...

    Annabeth, Thanks for following my blog. Welcome! I hope that something on my blog is encouraging to you.
    In Christ,

  10. B. Knox said...

    Yeah, #32 might be too short to get the tip, but he's way cute!

    Happy Birthday!

    Don't forget Micah on the JV team (there is no Cameron). Thanks for posting the pictures.

    You have a wonderful group of girlfriends!