Monday, August 25, 2008

My Weekend

Saturday :

6:00 – got up

7:30 – ate

8:00- violin

9:00 - cleaned the down stairs

10:30 – started painting

12:00 - stop painting because my heart was racing and my chest hurts. I have an irregular heart beat, which means my heart will beat fine, them it will skip a beat, to make up for the skipped beat it will do two beats really fast. A lot of times when this happens it will hurt my Chest and make it hard to inhale when I breath. I've been to the doctor, had two EKG'S and blood work, but no one seems to know how to treat it. My irregular heart beat most of the time only bothers me when I eat wheat, dairy or don't take my calcium.

1:00 lunch

3:30 – go back to painting

4:30 - stop painting to make a cake

5:30 - picking pears

7:00 – dinner

8:00 – painting

10:30 – finished painting for the day


6:00- got up

7:00 – 8:30 getting ready for Church

8:30 – leave for Church ( This is when we are supposed to leave for Church, but this is when we really leave 8:45)

9:10 – stop on the way to Church to go to the trash dump!:)

9:25 –arrive at Church

12:00 - Lunch at Church (Our Church always has lunch together)

2:00 – leave Church

3:30 – start painting again

7:00 - dinner

8:00 – cleaning the kitchen and den

9:20 – violin

10:00 – go to bed.

We had to get all the painting done this weekend because the carpet people came today. The inside of our addition is all done!! If everything goes as planed my Grandparents will be moving in next Saturday. YAY!

Here are some pictures from this weekend:

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

so long!

I am off to my grandmother's for a few days! They don't have a computer so there will not be a post until Saturday. Since Monday we have been painting. Monday I got paint in my eye and around my eye. Yesterday, Nick decided to paint me! He got it all over one leg, in my hair, and my face. Do you know how long it takes to get dried paint out of your hair? It was like I had dyed my hair blue. I think it's all out, hopefully. Well... I will leave you with a happy picture!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Mary Kay Party!

On Thursday we had a Mary Kay party at our house and invited Rebekah and Abigail. It was so very fun! It was the first time I had put on that much make-up. I do not like mascara. Here are some pictures and a wonderful poem.

The pains Of Cosmetics
By Abigail Taylor

I've come to a party, make-up to apply
They say it'll be fun, and I know they wouldn't lie.
Yet now that I'm here, I've got a feeling so strong
that make-up and me shan't get along.

Three quarters of an hour later...

Oh goodness, oh my, get me out of this stuff!
Take it off, already, I've had enough!
My lips are heavy, my lashes are gooey
This make me beautiful? Aw, phooey
You have got to be joking!
Someone save me, for I am choking;
Not from joy or frustration,
It's much worse..... I've inhaled foundation!

On a last note our church has planed a Square dance for October 24 in Oxford. If you can make it please come. There will be more details as we get closer to October.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Finally A Post!

I'm sorry I haven't posted. These last few days I have been at my Grandmothers and last week I was over their every day to help clean out their house. Anyway here are a few pictures of Sarah, Jessie(my cousin), and me.

More pictures from last week are coming!