Monday, August 18, 2008

Mary Kay Party!

On Thursday we had a Mary Kay party at our house and invited Rebekah and Abigail. It was so very fun! It was the first time I had put on that much make-up. I do not like mascara. Here are some pictures and a wonderful poem.

The pains Of Cosmetics
By Abigail Taylor

I've come to a party, make-up to apply
They say it'll be fun, and I know they wouldn't lie.
Yet now that I'm here, I've got a feeling so strong
that make-up and me shan't get along.

Three quarters of an hour later...

Oh goodness, oh my, get me out of this stuff!
Take it off, already, I've had enough!
My lips are heavy, my lashes are gooey
This make me beautiful? Aw, phooey
You have got to be joking!
Someone save me, for I am choking;
Not from joy or frustration,
It's much worse..... I've inhaled foundation!

On a last note our church has planed a Square dance for October 24 in Oxford. If you can make it please come. There will be more details as we get closer to October.


  1. Jessica said...

    Aw, come on, is fun! Although I will admit, mascara is very frustrating, and I have inhaled foundation more than once...

  2. Natalie said...

    Ha-ha! I love the poem, Abigail! :)

    I like mascara except it's hard to remember not to rub it off accidentally. I've finally figured out how to put foundation on properly, and it looks nice (I guess) but I feel like I can't touch my face without messing it up or rubbing it off on my hands. So yeah... I don't see how some girls can wear all that stuff on their face every day! I usually only wear makeup on Sundays sometimes.

    The square dance sounds like if I can just not be working that day and can convince at least one of my parents that they want to drive to the Durham area... :D

  3. abigail said...

    Make-up was fun the second time, Jessica :D I wrote the poem thingy after my first shot at it ;)

    Thanks Natalie! It'd be great if you could come to the square dance!

  4. blackhawk said...

    was that saterday ?

  5. Candace said...

    Ha ha! Great poem. As a rule of thumb, I never use the powder foundation!

  6. Mia said...

    Sounds like you and your friends had a lot of fun! But I have to agree with the poem--Foundation is too much for me!
    Thanks for posting :)