Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Eastern Regional Tournament!!

So here are some more pictures from last weekend!

Anna and Mrs. F.

Back: Lizzie and Sarah
Front : Anna, Lauren, and Kara
These are some of my best friends!!
I am going to miss them so much next year!:(

Anna, Kara, and Lizzie
Oh, I can't forget Mrs. E. she wanted to get in on the fun to.;)

JV guys

Rachel and Anna
Rachel is so fun to be with!

The JV guys were so happy they got to state!

Tressa and Anna
This little girl can scream like no one I know!:)

Have A Great Weekend Everyone!!!!


  1. Anonymous said...

    Hello! :)

  2. Lea said...

    thanks for the shout out!!! Love the pictures.... you're just going to have to come to C's games next year so you can see everyone... or talk sam into playing :)

  3. Jos said...

    I never knew I knew so many people in the Hawks JV team! Awesome job both teams!

    (This kinda applies to the previous post too...)