Monday, February 23, 2009

NCHE - Eastern Regional Tournament!!!!

This past weekend Nick's basketball team when to the Eastern Regional Tournament!! Not only did we win first place but, we also get to go to the State Tournament this weekend!!!(Natalie, sorry for all the exclamation point, I'm really happy!:))

Raleigh Hawks Varsity #1!!

Way to go guys!

They were all really happy, as you can see!:)

Deven and Ecir


1,2,4, legend dairy!;)

Chris, Kyle, and Nick made the Eastern All-Conference Team!

Brandon, Sam, and Eric got awards.

Also the JV got second place. Since they made it to the finals they get to go to Sate too!

* Thanks for Sarah Hargett for the pictures. My camera batteries always seem to die when I most need them!:(


  1. abigail said...


  2. Mr. Hargett said...

    Annabeth, I believe that's Kyle Federoff in the next to last picture instead of Brandon.

  3. Natalie said...

    Me?? I'm fine with exclamation points, I just feel sorry for my readers when I use them a lot because if I'm really, really excited about something I can end up sounding like I'm 5. :D But no, exclaim away!!!!!! ;)

    And definitely yay!!! :)

    (I'm trying to figure this all out...I know a guy who plays on the FHE Hawks basketball team, and I don't know if they'll be playing the Raleigh Hawks or not because I think they won regionals too maybe? Do you happen to know?) FHE is Forsyth (county) Home Educators. I don't really understand how this all works, if you couldn't tell! :D

  4. Annabeth said...

    Natalie, So how it works is since we won regionals we will play the runner up.(so whoever FHE beat.)Our runner up will play FHE. If we win the game against whoever FHE beat and FHE beats Storm then we will play FHE for state. I have no idea if this makes since.:) Do you think you could find out who FHE beat, so we will know who we are playing on Firday.

    Mrs. Hargett, I think you are right!:) I always get both
    Brandon(s) and Kyle mixed up!

  5. Jessica said...

    Ah, I was wondering what the picture of Nick standing there with the piece of paper meant....congratulations, Nick!

  6. Natalie said...

    Ah, I get it. :) Um...I'm not sure...I think maybe they beat Davidson??

  7. Natalie said...

    Haha...actually, apparently FHE will be playing you...Hawks vs. Hawks. :D I guess they didn't win regionals. And my friend was happy to hear who they'll be playing. :P

  8. Annabeth said...

    Um..this is very strange! We just got an email from Coach that said we would be playing Davidson on Friday!?! So I am now very confused!:)

  9. Natalie said...

    Oh...okay! Sheesh, I really don't understand all this. I told my friend that the Raleigh Hawks had won, and he thanked me and said that now he knew who they were playing. And now that I think about it, he must have meant he knew now they will play your runner-up. Sorry, my bad! :P (haha, I hardly ever say that, but it seems fitting!)

  10. Annabeth said...

    That's ok! I guess we will play them if we both win our games of Friday! Will you be at any of the games? Do you know what your friend"s jersey number is?

  11. Natalie said...


    No, I won't. I'm not sure, maybe #5.

  12. Annabeth said...

    Is his name Ben Williamson?

  13. Natalie said...

    Yep!'d you figure that out? Facebook?

  14. Annabeth said...

    They pass out these tournament booklets that have all the teams and the players names along with their jersey number.

  15. B. Knox said...

    Yes, thanks, Sarah, for the pictures. By the way, in that last picture is Daniel picking Sean's nose with the trophy? ;-)

    I like the picture of Eric, too. He is really a super player.

  16. Annabeth said...

    Mrs.Knox, glad you found my blog!:) I will have to agree Eric is a super player! He really did a lot to help us win the game on Saturday!

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