Saturday, July 19, 2008

My week

Ok, so I realized that I have just been posted pictures this week and not really saying anything about what we've been doing. So here is what we did this week!

Monday : Music, My Dad went out of town for the week, Sarah had Bible study, and we went to my Grandparents.
Tuesday : We practice with a group that was chosen from DUSS to play for the DAC.
Wednesday : Sarah, Sam and I played at the DAC! It was very cool!
Thursday : Sarah, Nick and I went to the Taylor's to help them sort books. We had Bear and deer spaghetti, It was very good!
Friday : We went to my cousin's play, it was a musical version of "The Lion the Witch and the wardrobe."We did not get home until 12:00 am!
Today: I went to Duke with Sarah, while she taught some of her violin students and I practiced my violin, tonight, my grandparents and cousin are coming over for dinner.
Tomorrow : My cousin, David is coming to spend a "while" at our house.
Well..... that's all I can remember about this week.
Hope everyone has an awsome weekend!


  1. Natalie said...

    Wow, you've been busy! I like your new profile picture btw. :)

  2. Jessica said...

    Yes, it is very good!

    Hmmm...a "while." You never can know with those cousin-people...

    Congrats on your music gig! :)

  3. Annabeth said...

    Y'all really like it? My family hates it.:)

    I think my cousin is staying a week.

  4. Natalie said...

    Well, it is one of those self-portraits where it's rather obvious you're holding the camera out in front of you...those kind of pictures drive my mom crazy! :D And it looks like you hair's wet...but it's kind of a cute picture! :)

    Why does your family hate it? I don't know, maybe it doesn't really look like you at all?

  5. Annabeth said...

    What about this picture? Which do you like better?:)

  6. Natalie said...

    I like the other one better.

  7. jonathan said...

    and now he coming over to my house