Monday, July 21, 2008

Top 5

Well I hurt my toe. I don't really know how I hurt it, I was getting out of bed and all the sudden it hurt. David said I have an ingrown toe nail and I need to put my toe in hot water so it will explode. Gross!:) Anyway I am trying to get my mind off of my toe. so Here is a list of my top five favorite movies,Songs,and books.

1. The Ultimate Gift
2. American Outlaws
3. A walk to remember
4. Anchors Aweigh ( Lola!:))
5. Princess Diaries

1. MercyMe, God with us
2. Na Band, Thy Way, Not Mine
3.David Crowder Band, The glory of it all
4.Eric and Leslie Ludy, Dreams
5. Hilary Hahn, Mendelssohn in E minor

1. Bible
2. Mountain Solo
3. Mozart's season
4. Final Crumpet
5. Do Hard things


  1. Natalie said... poor thing! Ingrown toenails are awful!!! :( But yeah, if that's the problem, soak it in water as hot as you can stand...that should help some at least. And hopefully you don't get grossed out easily. :D

  2. Annabeth said...

    Natalie you are SO nice! You made me feel so much better.

  3. abigail said...

    My poor Anna! Shall I come kiss it and make it all better?

  4. enil said...


    is the name of that movie really "The Ultimate" or is it "The Ultimate Gift"?

  5. Annabeth said...

    My dear Abigail, I await your coming.:)

    It's the "The Ultimate Gift".

  6. jonathan said...

    that is a great movie ,have u herd of secdon chace with m smith in in it