Friday, November 14, 2008


Natalie tagged me!
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1. I can't sew! At all not even a little! In fact I can't even thread a needle.:(

2. I hate the city! I don't think I could EVER live there! When I spent a few weeks at my Grandparents I got SO scared! I am so use to there being a lot of people in the house. It was also so quiet that you could hear every little noise. I hopefully can always live in the country!

3. I hate to be the center of attention! I don't even like people watching me open my birthday gifts!

4. I love riding in the car with the windows down, while listening to country music!:) The only time I don't like riding with the widows down is when it's raining or it's really cold. I just love to feel the wind in my hair and stick my arm out the window.

5. I am very easy to scare! One night I was walking from my parent's room to mine. There is a stair rail right next to the hallway. So, I'm walking down the hallway holding the rail when all the sudden I look down and their IS a hand!! It scared me SO bad! The hand of course belonged to Nick.;)

6. I love helping kids with violin and playing the violin!! It so much fun! I have been doing it for about four years. I enjoy every minuet of it!

I'm tagging : Meridith and Lizzie!


  1. Meredith Ivy said...

    I'm gonna miss seeing you tomorrow too!!

    Thanks for tagging me. Elliott, Oliver, and I are trying to figure out six random facts about me-- it's kind of difficult! :)

    Have a great day tomorrow!

  2. Lizzie said...

    Thank you for tagging me! I wrote my post. :D

  3. Jessica said...

    I am happy to know that you don't like riding with the windows down when it's cold and/or rainy. I mean, if you like listening to country music, that's crazy enough. But if you liked getting frostbite or pelted with rain...well, I don't know how we could POSSIBLY know each other!! :P

  4. Natalie said...

    I don't have so much trouble with opening presents, although that's kind of hard too if it's anyone other than family around. But I REALLY don't like being sung to on my birthday!
    And last year when I turned 18, I got sung to three times. Once with family and twice at church because the music director wasn't there the first time! :(

  5. abby said...

    playing the violin is awesome isn't it? i've been playing the violin for 4 years also. I have a lesson today... gotta go practice!