Thursday, November 6, 2008


So I was looking at one of my favorite websites Cafepress, and notice they had some really cool violin sweatshirts. Like these :

But, both these sweatshirts are around $30, plus shipping!
Even though I really like them I would only spend $15, on a sweatshirt.

A few weeks ago I was think about how I can dress up my violin case. One of my friends has people sign her case and another one has key changes all over it. Well I thought of this really cool idea that I can put mini button all over the strap like this:

The only problem is that these little buttons cost like $2 each and I will need like 100 buttons to cover my violin case. Hum.......I think that's a problem!:)

Oh! I also found these really awesome violin shoes!! I think this pair is my favorite, but I also like this one.

Nick and my Dad are on their way up to Greensboro for the pre-season basketball tournament! They will be spending the night,and since I have DUSS tomorrow I can't go!:( If y'all could please pray for Nick, that he does not get hurt and his side does not hurt.
You see early this week Nick was hit in the side by a member of the team. (He was not waring his protective vest!) It was really painful and swollen! It really hurt to run! He is doing a lot better and hopeful get through the games to day and tomorrow!


  1. mandolinartist aka amanda said...

    Thanks for introducing me to cafepress. They have some great mandolin shirts as well.