Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Magic Cookie points and a quiz

Anyone willing to answer some crazy questions? No, I did not make these up they are all from a book as well as a game with the same name that we own. The person with the most correct will get 20 magic cookie points! If anyone gets them all right they get an extra 10 cookie points. If you happen to own the book or the game and I know some readers do then you should have no problem getting them all right. ;) Email Will your answers, his email is in his profile.

1. How to Moisten Lip without Lip Balm?
A. Put butter on your finger and then rub on your lips.
B. Rub the outside of your nose, then rub your lips with it.
C. Stick your finger in your ear, then rub your lips with it.

2. How To treat A fractured Collarbone ?
A. Attach a Straight shaft, such as a shortened broomstick, along the victim's spine, so the victim will stand erect with shoulders back.
B. Have the victim wear a backpack filled with 15 lbs. of cargo.
C. Remove the victim's pants, wrap them around his/her chest, and tie the pants legs together tightly at the top of the rib cage.

3. How To Prevent Someone From Choking On His/Her Tongue ?
A. Pass a large safety pin or wire through the tongue and pull the tongue out of the throat.
B.Quickly flip the victim on to his/her stomach.
C. Turn the head of the victim to one side and hole the tongue down with your other hand.

4. How To know IF you are Near Land When Lost At Sea?
A. Small sharks seldom swim more than 10 miles from land.
B. Cumulus clouds, in an otherwise clear sky, often form over land.
C.If the sea is very flat, then you are no more than 20 miles from land.

5. How To treat Chocolate Poisoning In Dogs ?
A. Orally administer a hydrogen peroxide and water solution.
B. Give the dog one tablet of Alka Seltzer dissolved in water.
C. Give the dog salt water to cleanse it's system.

6. How To Survive Being trapped in a Walk-In-Freezer ?
A. Use your heat to thaw food.
B. Eat ice.
C. Keep moving to stay warm.

7. How To Perforce Mouth to mouth Resuscitation ?
A. Stop if the victim has not recovered in 30 minutes.
B. Stop when the victim seems to be enjoying it.
C. Stop if the victim has not recovered in four or more hours.

8.How To Survive A Poisonous Snack Bite ?
A. Immediately place ice on the wound.
B.Make two deep cute over the wound and suck out the poison.
C. Immobilize the bitten ares and keep it lower than your heart.

9. How To Prevent A Cold ?
A. Sit in a sauna two or more times a week.
B. Use a dehumidifier in your house to reduce germs.
C. Wash hands each time you touch something.

10. How to treat swollen feet ?
A. Soak the feet in cold water, then elevate them.
B. Soak the feet in warm water, elevate them, then wrap them tightly with an Ace bandage.
C. Soak the feet in either warm or cold water, then wrap them in ace bandage.

11.How To Survive Spilling Coffee on Your Keyboard?
A. Immediately wet your finger and run it over the area where the spill is. Then use a paper towel or toilet paper to clean up the spill.
B. Immediately blow on spill. Continue blowing for at least a minute, while you grab around for something to mop up the liquid.
C. Immediately flip your keyboard over. Let it stand down for a few moments before turning it back over and mopping off the liquid.

12. How to Tan a hide ?
A. After soaking the hide in water, smash the animal's brains into a thick moisturizing solution, then work it into the hide.
B. Rub the hide with dirt and small rocks to make it smooth.
C. Dry the hide in the sun. Periodically spit on it, and rub the spittle into the hide.

Have fun Answering!


  1. Natalie said...

    Ha-ha...number seven cracked me up! :D

    I know what game you're talking about, unfortunately I don't own it. :(

    Oh dear, there are only 5-6 I'm 99% sure I know...and I don't feel like making a fool of myself on the others that I'm not so sure about!

  2. Futuristics said...

    NICE Blog :)

  3. Ana said...

    Do we get the answers? *Giggles* I can answer some of them, but others I've heard of different ways then ways that are mentioned ... I think I'm going to go with Natalie and try NOT to make myself look silly by answering. :)

  4. rahraht said...

    Com'on ya wimps! :) what do you have to lose?! I was only sure on a few of them, but I emailed my answers, when do we get the answers?!?