Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Prayer Requests

There are a couple of prayer requests I wanted to share. First, my brother Nick is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow. Those who know us may or may not know that his ribs are slightly inverted, which means they are pressing his lungs and trachea causing a decreased air supply. It is not quite as serious as that sounds, he can still breathe fine and everything, but it is something that definitely needed to be fixed.

He was planning to have the surgery next month with another doctor, but the Lord really moved in a mighty way and Nick is going to be able to have the doctor who invented the surgery as the lead guy for his operation.

They go about fixing the issue by inserting two titanium rods under his ribs in such a way that his ribs are moved to their normal place. So the surgery is not some cupcake walk in the park, it is a pretty major operation. Please pray that the doctor, who is a Christian, will have wisdom performing the procedure, everything will go as planned and that Nick will have a quick recovery. The pain after the operation is probably going to be the hardest part. It is comparable to having broken ribs so for about a week he is going to be in the hospital doped up with some heavy stuff and he is going have to take it easy for at least a month or two.

Also tomorrow our good friend John Paul Taylor (on right) heads back to Iraq for seven months on his third tour. Please keep both him and another of our friends Josh Eaton, (on left) who is already in Iraq in your prayers. Both these guys are putting their lives on the line defending our freedom as a nation and they as well as their families could really use our prayers.


  1. Ana said...

    Surgery, major or minor, can be an unsettling thing. I will certainly keep your brother, and your family, in my prayers tomorrow and in the days and weeks to come. How is the rest of your family holding up? I know, from experience, several times over, that having a family member undergo surgery can be hard on you and other family members.

    I will also keep your friends in my prayers, along with the others
    I know who are over there or are going, or have been there. Thanks for sharing your requests with us and for allowing us to take them before the throne of grace, mercy, kindness, wisdom, love, etc., etc.!!

  2. rebecca said...

    I'll be praying! :)

  3. rahraht said...

    I will gladly pray for your friends...everyone I know who has been sent over has returned safely. (By God's grace!)
    I will also pray for your brother. Surgery is surgery, big or small. How blessed he is to have the dr. who divised it operating on him! When my brother broke his femur, the dr. who operated was the one who perfected the surgery as well. I will pray for Peace for your brother and Wisdom for the dr.!

  4. rahraht said...

    On a lighter note...any idea why Trina lists your blog as "House of Red"?
    Just wondering...:)

  5. Will said...

    Thanks for the prayers guys, the surgery was successful. The pain medication was not working quite as well as the doctors would like so he got a dose of morphine, which hopefully will ease his pain.

    Ana, the rest of my family is holding up fine, we have known Nick needed to have the surgery for a little while so it was not some emergency that got thrust upon us.

    rahraht in answer to your question, I don't tan, I just burn and on one of our visits with them last year I acquired a marvelous tomato colored burn. I was therefore dubbed "The Red Lobster" which is where that "Home of Red" comes from ;)

  6. rahraht said...

    How funny - I'm the only one in my family who doesn't tan - I live in 45 sunblock in the summer :) I've burnt so badly I've killed the pigment in a few spots - I don't forget the sunblock anymore :)

    Glad to hear your brother is doing well - times like these are good reminders that we really do love our siblings, I don't even want to contemplate life without any of them (sigh, it's hard enough when they get married and leave home :(

  7. jonathan said...

    i'll be praying