Sunday, April 27, 2008

Pictures from final concert of the season

Yesterday was the last orchestra concert of the season for everyone, no video this time but here are some pictures:


Molly playing:
Anna playing:
Sarah playing:
The ever enthusiastic Mrs. Kitchen:


  1. Amy said...

    You all look lovely!

    Anna, stop by Give It Away when you get a chance. A little something for you there.


  2. Ana said...

    What fun pictures! That must have been so fun to listen too! I've never been to an orchestra concert before. How fun!

  3. rahraht said...

    Is this a community orchestra or are all of you taking lessons from her?
    Looks like you have a family orchestra :) Seems like you are all enjoying yourselves, except your Sam looks soooo serious, or is that studious?

  4. Sarah said...

    It is a youth orchestra at Duke University. Molly, Anna, Sam and Matthew (who is not pictured because he was not at the evening concert) all play in different orchestras. I am an assistant in Mrs. Kitchen's and the younger orchestras.
    Mrs. Kitchen teaches some of us.