Thursday, April 3, 2008

Notebook Blogging #9

More than half the guys in my class are African American and they are all great guys but I have to say their clothing style for the most part leaves something to be desired. I just want to knock upside the head the dude who started the fashion of extremely baggy clothes and pants riding at least halfway down your waist.

It seems that pants are no longer there to cover your rear, rather they are just there to cover your legs. I am dead serious here, there are several of my class mates who literally wear their pants on their upper thighs, as in below their rears, as in they have to walk funny to keep their pants from just falling to the floor.

Maybe pants are much more comfortable riding on your upper thighs but I doubt it. It seems they are all just succumbing to some weird fashion trend. The lowness of the pants actually explains the overly large shirts and when I say overly large I mean just that. These shirts reach almost to their knees. But then since their pants are on their thighs, they have an excuse for such large shirts, they don't want to be exposing their undergarments or worse to the world.
At least I think that is the idea, it works relatively well while standing, but sitting down is another issue :o :red:

Yeah, I think this is one style that seriously needs to go. Another one has to do with baseball hats or lids as they are now called. It seems when you buy a hat you keep the size sticker on. Why? You might ask, for the world to know what size you wear of course! Also make sure you buy several sizes too large and definitely wear it at a jaunty angle. Whatever you do, do not bend the brim it, needs to be as flat as possible so as to offer a clear view of your size sticker.

To illustrate the hat style popular today, I went into the "Sarah and William crazy picture archive" and present to you a rather bad example.

If you notice, the "do not bend the brim" law was broken, but we tried to make up for it by placing our hats at an even more jaunty angle than is normally seen.


  1. abigail said...

    My favorite is when the stylish dudes that you speak of try to cross a big highway in a hurry, waddling and flopping like lame ducks!

  2. Natalie said...

    Ducks...ha-ha! Good description, Abigail! :D

    It's not just African-Americans...I've seen white skater guys dressed like that...the pants and hat anyway with a regular shirt. I didn't realize the sticker was a purposeful "fashion" statement!

  3. rebecca said...

    Ugh. All of the guys here dress like that. And they (barely!) hold their pants up with one hand while they waddle and flap.

    But they are so cool! :P

  4. Ana said...

    Oooooo, that's hot ... no wait, is it tight? I can't keep up.

    It's really funny when the guys who wear (or rather don't wear) their pants really low try to run, but in effort to keep their almost-not-really-on pants in place they have to hold them up. It's even better when they try to play basketball with one hand. Yeah, it's just so marvelous.

  5. Uncle Jim said...

    Of course, there's only one "street-appropriate" way to hold your loose trousers up... which is probably the main reason for the popularity of this charming little fashion statement.