Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Basketball Game

Tuesday, my Dad drove me and Nick ALL the way up to Greensboro! After two hours of driving we finally arrived! Thank goodness we won!I was finally able to take lots of pictures, here are just a few!:)

Tip off! Yes Nick gets it!;)

Our team ready to go!
Nick, Sam, Devin, Adam,and Sebastian

The huddle.

Sebastian and Adam

Sebastian(41),Adam(30),and Devin(24)

Chris(31) and Nick(13)

Chris(31) and Sam(52), with Nick in the background.

Sam(52) and Nick(13)

Adam(30), Chris(31), and Nick(13)

Sam, Brandon(he is the blurry one), Nick, and Chris.

I love Adam's(30) new shoes!

Nick shooting! Yes,he makes it;)

Kyle shooting....

and again!


Some of the team.

I another post about something else will be coming soon!