Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look Back On 08!

William's birthday
I don't know HOW this is possible, but I can find any pictures from William's birthday.

Grandmother's birthday

Family picture for Grandmother's birthday

Our varsity basketball team
07- 08

Earth day
Nick's surgery
DUSS concert
Started additionNick's food at the hospital

Got together with old friends from Cary
Finished drivers ED
Daddy's birthday

Sarah and William trying to do something from a movie!?!

Sarah,Matthew, and my Mom's birthday
Duss Camp
Got my Permit
Emily's birthday
Sarah's birthday cake

Panting the addition
Mary Kay Partie
Molly's birthday
Grandparents movie in
DUSS starts back


Amy came to visit
Square dance


Meridith's birthday
Nick's first play
DUSS concert
Nick's birthday
Alum night basketball game
( A post is coming on this with pictures.)

On the last DUSS concert for December, my teacher and I showed up matching.
How funny is that!

I will end this year with a picture of our Christmas tree.
Happy New Year


  1. Meredith Ivy said...


    Aww, how sweet that my birthday is included in your year's recap!

    Why does it say on your profile that you are 16? Aren't you going to be 16 in March?

    We had a family get-together last Saturday night and didn't get home until very late so that's why we couldn't make it to church. We are planning to be there this Sunday though. :)

    See you then!

  2. Annabeth said...

    When I made my profile, and I put in 1993 and it said I was 13 when I had already turned 14. So I put in 1992 instead.:) I think that's why!?!
    I'll see Sunday!

  3. Meredith Ivy said...

    Ohhhh, I see.

    Thanks for the book suggestions! I really enjoyed the last book I read by CJ Mahaney so I think I will look into Humility as well.

    Have a great weekend and see you Sunday!!! :)

  4. Jos said...

    Happy New Year, minus 3 days, 11 hours, and 43 minutes!