Thursday, December 4, 2008

A Givaway!!

My friend Meredith over at Striving to Serve At home to giving away some of their homemade nuts! They started their nut business Dillards Mill Peanut Compan, back in 2006 and have been doing it every Fall since.


  1. Mwes said...

    Hi Anna.just checked out yo profile and i found you liked all my favourite artists.Its so sad plusone nolonger sing as a group.

    Any way I also love Jesus he's done alot in mylife!

    Bye for now and I hope u enjoy yo sleeping,eating,babysitting,violin,music,and wow everything i hav not mentioned.
    Hope u hav a nice Christmass.And by the way,what hav you planned to do for noel?