Monday, December 1, 2008

Yet again I'm Tagged!:)

Sam and William on the roof with the nail gun!:)

The rules are: Go to your Picture file, go to the 5th folder, open up the 5th picture, post it, and then tag 5 people.

But since the 5th picture in my folder was of a little kid I have babysit and I don't want to post her picture on the blog without her parent's permission, I instead did the 5th folder from the end and the 5th picture in it.

So.... anyway I am going to tag Enil, Lizzie, Natalie , mandolinartist aka amanda and Jessica!


  1. mandolinartist aka amanda said...

    I accepted the tag! Check it out...

  2. Natalie said...

    I did the tag (you probably already saw it)...and I tagged Sarah. :P