Monday, February 18, 2008

How To Wash A Dog.....Part 1

This afternoon it was so pretty outside. We decide to take advantage of this weather and give one of our stinky dogs a bath. :)

Step 1: Find a small person.
Step 2: Tell Him/Her that is would be really fun to give the dog a bath. :) Get small person very excited about bathing the dog.
Step 3: Decide not to give the dog a bath...... just kidding! Get previous mentioned small person to catch the dog and start washing.
The following pictures are included to illustrate step 3
Annabeth was kind enough to take pictures for us.

Matthew (small person) caught the dog Aka Taffy Aka Piggy.
(and no.... we don't call her piggy because she smells)
Matthew demonstrating step 3
Still demonstrating........
Ahhh every one step back......... she's going to
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