Thursday, February 21, 2008

So I am back

As you have probably noticed, no notebook blogger today. I was out of town and not in class the first three days of the week so that is why. The weather was spectacular but not too much more happened that is worth blogging about, well except for the Cormorants that were everywhere. A Cormorant is this funny little bird that looks somewhat like duck in size and it has webbed feet. Unlike a duck though it dives completely underwater and catches little fish and or bugs. Half the time they were swimming around with just their heads out of the water it was rather funny looking, just seeing this long neck and head moving through on the water's surface. That was not the best part about them though, the best part was they like to sleep in trees!

As dusk approached, in pairs and one by one, they flew into this larger tree on it's own little island. Did I mention they have webbed feet? They literally did fly into the tree accompanied with much crashing and shaking of branches. I tried to take a picture but I could never quite get them caught in the act of crash landing. I did get a picture of some of them in the tree though:

See how the foliage is lacking somewhat where the Cormorants are perched? That is from the Cormorants. Of course the golf course where we were did not really like them messing up the foliage, so every night around dusk they had a guy come out and shoot a flare gun at the tree to scare them out. I am serious! He did it three times just while we were standing there. It sure scared them out of the tree. :D

Probably the highlight of the trip was getting to drive this beautiful thing:

Boy was it fun to drive, zipping around cart paths, you would not believe the speed of that thing! Ok, that last line had no truth at all. You could walk faster than that lift! Plus it was very wide so as you can see in the picture I drove it mainly looking down to make sure I was as close to staying on the cart path as possible so as not to mess up the grass. :p


  1. Natalie said...

    Wow, what funny birds. I've heard of cormorants, but I didn't know what they looked like...I don't think I've ever seen a bird with webbed feet that could grip something!