Friday, February 15, 2008

People being stupid news item of the week

Anti-vandalism protester arrested

A Polish man who pasted a notice on a bus stop asking vandals to stop vandalizing it was arrested - for vandalism.

Janusz Nowak, 61, was arrested as he pasted the message on a pavement in the southern Polish town of Sosnowiec.

His notice read: "Dear Vandals - please stop destroying the bus-stop."

A police spokesman said: "Although the man had good intentions and wanted to express his indignation towards hooligans' behavior in the neighborhood he unfortunately broke the law himself."

Poor guy, trying to stop something and ends up getting hit for the charge he was trying to prevent!


  1. evil guy said...

    pls post more

  2. dawn224 said...

    sigh. That's nuts.