Monday, February 11, 2008

My Life As a Song!

Opening Credits- The day before you - Rascal Flatts

Waking Up – Stand by Rascal Flatts

First Day of School - The Outside – Taylor Swift

Falling in Love - Take My breath Away - Jessica Simpson

Fight Song - Average Girl Barlow Girl

Breaking Up - What Happened - Jessie Daniels

Prom - Real to Me - Nichole Nordeman

Life's Ok – Ever Ever After - Carrie Underwood

Mental Breakdown - What Hurts the Most – Rascal Flatts

Driving - The prayer by Josh Groban

Flashback – Rise Up – Third Day

Getting Back Together - Tears Of the Saints - Leeland

Wedding – I can't do this - Plumb

The Night Before the War - Cry out to Jesus – Third Day

Final Battle - I need you to love Me - BarlowGirl

Moment of Triumph -Love takes you In - Steven Curtis Chapman

Death Scene - How Do you Know – Third Day

Funeral Song – Oklahoma Texas Line – Rascal Flatts

End Credits – Beautiful Name – ZOEgirl

What about you? What's your song?

1. turn on your Ipod.

2. Put it on shuffle

3. Press play

4. For every question, type the song that's playing

5. When you go to a new question, press the next button


  1. Jessica said...

    Hey! Here I was, saying Allison had too many country songs...and here you are, with your country music dominated soundtrack of your

    Otherwise, nice soundtrack!


  2. Will said...

    Very Weird.... out of over 3800 songs this is what I got? Booo! Some of these songs would not work with the scene they are affiliated with at all.

    Opening Credits
    Tiny Dancer - Elton John

    Waking Up
    Born to Lose - Johnny Cash

    First Day of School
    Walk Away - Dropkick Murpheys

    Falling in Love
    Waiting all my life - Rascal Flatts

    Fight Song
    Funny How Love is - Queen

    Breaking Up
    Huckleberry - Toby Keith

    Put you down in my Will - Apologetix

    Life's Ok
    Jack Sparrow - Hans Zimmer

    Mental Breakdown
    Fallin Upside Down - Rascal Flatts

    Come Home - Trace Adkins

    Ammunition - Switchfoot

    Getting Back Together
    Leaving Home ain't Easy - Queen

    The Hero's Hallway - Brian Tyler

    The Night Before the War
    If I stand - Rich Mullins

    Final Battle
    Somebody to Love - Queen

    Moment of Triumph
    Get Rhythm -Johnny Cash

    Death Scene
    My Heart Will Fly - Mercy Me

    Funeral Song
    One Time too Many - Building 429

    End Credits
    Two Became one - Freeloader

  3. Natalie said...

    I posted mine on my blog.

  4. abigail said...

    I thought yours were hilarious, Will!