Wednesday, February 13, 2008

When it rains.... it Pours!!!!

Last night I set my alarm for 7:00 this morning. Some time during last night the power crashed. So I woke up to my clock flashing 2:00! (It was really 8:30) This was only the the beginning.
Once I finally got dressed and ate breakfast, checked email ect it was almost 9:30. I looked at the clock and thought great, I might be able to get in an hour and a half of violin practice and an hour of piano. I had to leave at 12:00 to go teach piano.
Normally, I have to leave at 9:00 because I have violin lessons on Wednesday.
This week my teacher just didn't want to see me..... something about I smile too much..... :)
At 9:35 My mom comes in my room interrupting my violin scales to tell me that my orthodontist had called while she was on the other line. (I had an appointment Feb 18)
Off I rush to call them back......
***Just a little side note: All my friends know about my braces trauma but we have a lot of lurkers that read this blog. To make a very very long story short.....I have had some form of braces on since I was 13. (I will be 21 this summer) And no..... it wasn't my fault..... I wore my retainer and my rubber bands....I didn't eat popcorn or chew gum. I just had a weird jaw. So I will do anything to get my braces off as soon a possible.
The receptionist at the orthodontist informed me that they had scheduled me on a day when my Orthodontist wasn't working ....... because of my jaw I have to see a certain orthodontist every time. :) The next appointment was in two weeks or 11:00 today! I didn't want to wait two rescheduling half of my piano students, I hopped in my car for a 45 minute drive into Raleigh. Every thing went fine as it can possibly go when it involves two plastic things cut off your very back molars and having to keep your mouth open two hours. (Well... maybe it was only an hour and a half.)
After 30 minutes, staring at the ceiling starts to get old. :)
It was lunch time when I got out of there. Guess what happens around 12:30?
Thats right! Everybody in Raleigh goes to lunch! And what does that mean.... yep, you got it..... traffic. To make matters worse it was pouring. I know we are in a drought, and we need the rain because we are running out of water. But I just wanted it to stop. And to get past the mall... I knew I would be fine once I was past the mall. I don't go to malls very often. but one of my observations is that malls attract traffic, especially at lunch time. It took me about 25 minutes to go a mile. But any way, I arrived home, grabbed a late lunch, put the roast in the oven and left to teach the rest of my piano students. I got home in time to help my mom with dinner aka. I talked while she cooked the rest of dinner. Since this post is getting a little long winded,
I think it will end it right here . :) Good Night!



  1. Natalie said...

    Wow! You had a BUSY day! And Raleigh/lunch time/the mall, does NOT sound like a good combination! And the rain...I'm really glad NC is finally getting some rain, but it sure isn't fun to drive in.

    That's got to be annoying about the braces. :( I was so glad to get mine off and I only had them for a little over two years. Although now, what with the retainers I have to wear at night to keep my teeth nice and straight, I'd almost rather have the braces because I wouldn't have to take them out and put them in. Or perhaps some kind of permanent retainer...the problem is that my teeth move during the day, so then my retainers hurt at night. Ugh.

  2. Neil said...

    :GASP!: What is this i see!!! A post...A post By Sarah!!!! Alak and alo!!! A gasp and a glow!!

  3. Will said...

    Yes, I too was very proud of her Neil :D

  4. neil said...


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  6. Enil said...

    sorry...trigger happy :D