Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Rain drops on the window pane
are like the thoughts in my brain
constantly dripping, always moving
sometimes I wish for wiper blades
to help rid my mind of the thoughts that weigh
have you ever been somewhere with so much to say
but you don't say a thing at least not like you wanted
the mind replays the event somehow you're haunted
or there is deafening silence the type that makes you want to shout
you open your mouth yet no words come out
drowning in our thoughts sounds impossible
there is no way that is remotely logical
yet the thoughts fall through your head as in a downpour
slipping and sliding they keep on coming
thoughts without voice there is always a choice
If you keep them inside will they just roll up and die
hardly, you will probably just end up feeling sorry
that you did not express what was burning on your chest
sometimes the greatest risk is the one not taken
we're too scared of a fall, not trusting the One above all
that opportunity before you has a purpose behind it
but maybe you will never see it unless you deny yourself
and take a leap and remember that you are one of His sheep
the Lord will protect you through every decision
and everything that ever happens has a reason
with that knowledge in your head the need for wiper blades is dead
so your brain may feel like a storm now and then
just remember to place your trust in Him


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