Sunday, March 23, 2008


is more valuable, not your dvds, your cds, your TV,
not your computer, your vehicle, your pets,
not your house, your job, your friends,
not power, position, fame, money,
not your reputation not your
family, kids, husband/wife,
not even your very life,
is more important
than the God
who gave
his life
for it


  1. rahraht said...

    Our joy in His resurrection is in proportion to how well we grasp this! Remember the guys on the road to Emmaus. If I don't properly recognize His death on the cross as the end of all my own (false and improper) hopes and dreams and the beginning of His plan to redeem lost and condemned creatures, I will not fully appreciate the good news of His resurrection: Not only of His physical body, but also of the new, forgiven, clean life I am privileged to live today.
    I appreciate you keeping the cross at the center ... whenever we stray too far from there we tend to lose the meanings and therefore the true appreciation of events like the resurection.
    Happy Easter... :)