Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Tuesday's thoughts....From Anna

So on Valentine's day my Father brought home the movie Becoming Jane. Since my Mother had no wish to watch it, (she had heard it was very sad) we did not watch it until yesterday!
In case you did not know Becoming Jane is about Jane Austen's life. It is a movie I am NEVER watching again for this one reason:


Oh, I am getting sad just thinking about it ! Both Sarah, Molly and I hated the end of the movie.I felt like sobbing! Two days later I am still sad about it! If you have not watched the movie don't, unless you like really really sad movies!

On a happier note my 15th birthday is 8 days away!! YAY! Also, yesterday I realized that someone wrote my birthday on the wrong day of the week! I was rather unhappy until I realized it was me!! What was I thinking?

Before I forget, please visit this very cool apron website Apronista. They are giving away one of the cutest aprons I have ever seen!!

Hope y'all have a great day!


  1. Natalie said...

    I saw a little bit of the movie about Jane Austen that they showed on PBS, "Miss Austen Regrets" and it looked pretty sad too! :(

    Those aprons are very pretty! I like the one they're calling the Emmeline apron.

  2. abigail said...

    Neat profile pic Anna :D

    :stares at you:

  3. Anna Beth said...

    Why thank you Abigail!

    :stares right back at you:

  4. Will said...

    I just want to add that yes, "Becoming Jane" is sad, but why is it sad? Because the film does an excellent job portraying the actors and the circumstances they go through. You want Jane and Tom to marry. But like Jane says several times in the film, in real life good things don't always happen to good people. I have seen it twice and I would watch it again. Yes it is sad but it is still a good film., just because a film is sad does not mean it is not a good film. "Life is Beautiful" is a great film but it is also heart wrenching. "Becoming Jane" is not in the same group as "Life is Beautiful" but it is still worth watching.

  5. Rebecca said...

    I want to see that movie...but I sort of like sad movies.

    And I am really loving those aprons.

  6. jonathan said...

    happy brithday

  7. Jessica said...

    Yes, happy birthday Anna!

    I don't want to marry anyone named Tom. It is a very boring name. I prefer Thomas.

    One question: why would you want to get a nice apron, only to get it all messy? Or am I the only messy cook here?

  8. abigail said...

    I'm a messy cook, but that usually means I get the ingrediants all over the table and floor, I don't get the stuff actually on me very much... unless I'm using flour!

  9. Jessica said...

    I like to make bread and bread-like foods, so I use flour a lot. I also got lasagna sauce all over my white shirt the other day when I was mixing the beef in. I should have worn an apron.

  10. Anna Beth said...

    I'm a messy cook too, but like Abigail most of the time they get on every thing but me!:)