Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter Eggs

Every Easter we head up to my Aunt's for an Easter cookout. This year Will's chauffeur and rescue service was in full swing as I drove my grandparents to the event. My grandparents live about an hour away so I drove to their house and then I drove their car from there.

I really like to drive, windows down, music blaring, singing along as the wind whips your hair, the open road before you, I love driving. I like it so much, I even like driving in traffic! Last year on the road trip driving in NY and NJ was awesome. Anyway driving an hour to pick up my grandparents then driving another almost 2 hours west was something I did not mind at all. What I did mind was their car.

My grandparents have a Lincoln Town Car, "Nice!" you might think. No so, it is not nice, the thing drives like a marshmallow or maybe a big balloon would be a more accurate description. Either way I can not stand driving it, it feels like you have no control, it does not hang tight to the curves, and with it's crazy suspension system you don't feel exactly attached to the road.

Because I was heading from their house I was not sure of the exact way to get to my Aunt's but I figured I could just ask my grandparents. Except once on the road my grandparents promptly fell asleep, which was the main reason I was driving them, older people seem to fall asleep a lot. Needless to say, somewhere around Greensboro I missed my exit. My grandparents then picked that moment to awake from their slumber. Since they used to live in that area they said it was fine we would just go another way.

This "other way" took us around curvy back country roads in search of a mysterious road which would lead us to another road which in turn would lead us to our destination. For about ten minutes we drove around with my grandmother periodically saying she did not recognize this side of Greensboro while my granddad ignored her. That, or he just did not hear her as he is slightly deaf....Eventually we made it to my Aunt's where we then stood around the grill and shivered in the 40 degree weather as we talked about basketball. Ah family gatherings! :D

Later in the day I was drafted as an egg placer for the upcoming Easter egg hunt. I feel my hiding places were the best as they used the surrounding colors for camouflage. Sarah's edit: the following picture (the pink flowers one) is actually of an egg that I hid. But I did get the idea from William. He does, however, neglect telling the whole story. While he took his time and hid his dozen eggs artistically, Anna and I were left with the other hundred. Hmmm. I never realized how much fun it is to edit somebody's post. Ok....I'm done. :) Will's edit of Sarah's edit: Actually the picture is of the egg I hid, Sarah tried to hide it in that bush but it kept falling on the ground. Some examples:

Our youngest cousin there, Ross, decided for some reason Nick and I would be great candidates to play with, it started with balloons and I received this strange headpiece:

I guess finding someone to play with was rather exciting to Ross because he then decided to attack people with the balloons. The balloons ended up getting popped, duh, and Ross not to be detoured decided to attack with a nearby spoon which is where this picture came from:

There were several more pictures involving Ross and the spoon but they were all a little too graphic for the blog since it is after all PG. Poor Nick was laughing so hard it was all he could do to defend himself against the onslaught from the spoon. Seriously!


  1. rebecca said...

    Nice hat.

  2. Natalie said...

    Yeah, you look SO pleased to be wearing a balloon hat...not. :D

    Oh my, I'm still laughing! Especially about your grandparents...it sounded familiar. :P

    And driving a Lincoln Town Car...I can imagine. :(

  3. abigail said...

    So did anyone find your eggs? They are certainly well hidden!

  4. Ana said...

    Hello Will. I found your blog through Natalie's blog. :) Oh the joys and wonders of links from links to links.

    I liked your post. I laughed pretty much the whole time. My family used to own a Lincoln Town Car. It was nice, but I never drove it, as I was too young and that might have had some serious side effects.

    Umm ... hate to say it, but ahhh, I found your eggs. Sorry. ;) Better luck next time.

    And the balloon ... hmm... ahh ... it's ... I ... mmmm ... no comment.

    Also, Ross CRACKS ME UP!!! I was laughing really hard at the end of your post. :)

    So all that rambling nonsense to say ... thanks for the fun post!! Keep posting.

  5. Ana said...

    Oh and P.S.~
    You said driving your Grandparents car was like driving, "a marshmallow or maybe a big balloon". I have one question ... how exactly do you know what that is like> ;) Please elaborate on driving marshmallows and balloons, I'm sure we're all so curious.

  6. Will said...

    Welcome Ana! In answer to the question about marshmallows, see the label section to the right? Click the one near the bottom that is labeled "Sleepy Rufus"