Thursday, March 27, 2008

Notebook Blogging #8

The state of morality in our nation and the world is appalling. Everyday people do not have principles they are willing to stick to and the leaders of the various forms of government are sadly not much better. I don't get frustrated very easily but honestly, the state of morality, or lack of it, in the world's population really gets me hot. For that matter, the leadership in government and even the church for the most part is ridiculously depressing. Rather than go into a rant, which happens often when I am on the above subjects, I am just going to say the morality and overall attitude of my classmates leaves something to be desired.

Technically we have 15 students in the class. I say technically because only on a handful of occasions has the full 15 member class been present. There is a core group of about 10 people who regularly are in class, of those 7 or 8 are for the most part on time. The rest come and go like the wind, one day they will be there for 2 hours, the next they will not show up and the day after that they will stay for the entire class! There is no method to their scheduling, it is almost like they come when they really want to show up.

This attitude to class attendance and the apparent reflection of laziness on their part is mildly irritating to say the least. I guess I should not care about it, but I just don't understand how people can have such a lackadaisical attitude. I am an action type person, sure, I enjoy laying around watching 4 days worth of basketball games once a year, but if I have a job that needs to get done, especially one that involves manual labor, I am going to bust my tail and get the job done.

It is just very frustrating when we are trying to get things done and 1/3 of the class is usually absent and of the 2/3rds who do show up, about half of them would be content to sit around and talk on their cell phones when we need to be sticking headers in the openings! Do you just feel the frustration dripping off my words? :p It is a good group of guys, they just sometimes remind me of chickens in a pen, content to stand around with their mouths open on a hot day and the only way you are going to move them is if you start yelling and moving the pen and even then they sometimes don't move....Chickens, especially ones you raise to eat are some of the dumbest birds but I digress, I'll save that subject for another post.

My classmate's laziness does not just extend to our class as I found out the other day. As part of the requirements for our class you also have to take a math and English class, unless you test out, which I easily did. You don't have to be a mathematician or an English major, of which I am neither, to be in construction, imagine that! Not everyone in my class tested out of the math and/or English classes so some people are taking those in addition in construction/building code.

Anyway two of my classmates were talking about an English assignment they had to do, one classmate could not understand what they were supposed to do and the other was saying he was just going to pay someone to do it for him! Curious, I asked what they had to do and they showed me the assignment. It involved pretending you had your own business and were presenting a proposal for services to the government. Sounds easy right? It is the type of assignment you can hit right out of the park. Instant A+

I asked the guy who said he was going to pay someone to do it for him if he did not understand it. I was like "Dude that is a cupcake assignment" His reply was yes he knew how to do it, he just did not want to! I asked why not and he said he would rather pay someone to do the work because he just did not want to take the time to do it. He then offered to pay me to do the assignment! I told him $100 bucks, he said sure, paid me and I did it.... :p J/K!

I have to admit I was slightly tempted to, not because I wanted to help him cheat or because I wanted the easy money, rather, because of past work experiance, I seriously can write proposals like the assignment called for in my sleep. My competitive nature was already thinking how I could make this the greatest proposal the teacher had ever seen....

Even though my classmate's attitudes can sometimes be a pain, at the same time it is sad and I feel sorry for the guys. That type of mentality is just so foreign to me, I honestly can't comprehend it. I also feel their mentality is a reflection of us as a nation. No one wants to work hard and accomplish something with a feeling of satisfaction at a job well done. We want instant gratification, and we are willing to do whatever we can, even compromising our principles to get it.

Oh and sorry this is so long guys, like I have said before, sometimes I sit down to write and it just keeps on going on and on... :p


  1. Ana said...

    How true your post is! You communicated it very well. I, being a piano teacher, know some of what you're talking about from my own personal experience. As the students come to my house to receive their lessons it's up to them to show up on time, or up to their parents to get them here on time. To quote you " is almost like they come when they really want to show up." How true. You make the effort to be on time, and show up on time, only when you truly want to and truly try. It's not something that just happens, it's something you have to work at. And sadly, as you've pointed out, it's not something that is very common in our day and age.

    Also, like you, it's so foreign to me, both not to be on time and do what you're told and what's expected of you, but also to just do the least that can be done and not work at it (or have someone do it for you). I guess it just makes you take time to thank God that He placed you in the family you are in, were you learned how to properly act in the world. Thanks again for the post!

    P.S. Sorry this comment is rather long.

  2. Natalie said...

    Oh boy, I could get started on all of that too...I will restrain my rant to one subject though.

    I think this whole mindset is a product of the way the public schools are run. While I'm sure the small percentage of students who are actually trying and who get a good teacher will leave school with at least something of an education, the other percentage seem to be the majority.

    All they're learning is to pass the tests that they have to pass. So while they are learning in a mechanical fashion what they need to know, they really have no reason to care about it. They go from one test to the next, and that's bound to make you fall into a mindset of "what does this matter, I just have to get it right on the test and I'll be done with that." If they were actually learning something interesting and useful, they would probably be willing to put some effort into it. There aren't any consequences as long as you squeak by, and cheating's only a problem if you get caught.

    I've run into this with friends that go to public school, they aren't learning how to learn! Or forget learning, they just plain aren't learning how to think! And if you're not thinking, you end up not wanting to think even if you it's easier to just pay someone to do the thinking for you. And that carries over into a lot of aspects of life...just throw money at the problem. Or a credit card.

    They're being programmed to run on auto-pilot so to speak, to follow the system. If the system's not cooperating give it money and somebody will fix it for you. "Don't worry about that we'll take care of that for you. Ah, you're an adult now and have money, just pay us and we'll deal with that so you don't have to fuss with go make more money."

    And as far as the time thing goes, they aren't used to scheduling their get on the bus when it comes, you go to lunch or classes when the bell rings, you get back on the bus and go home.


    And cell phones...ah, I won't get started on that! :)

    Wow, sorry about that long comment...I hope it made sense at least.

  3. Will said...

    There is nothing wrong with long comments :p

    "they aren't learning how to learn! Or forget learning, they just plain aren't learning how to think! And if you're not thinking, you end up not wanting to think even if you can.

    That is amazingly true statement Natalie. We were putting in cripple studs and sills for the windows and there were two different heights. We knew the measurements for one, but the other was going to involve a little bit of thinking with a tape measure to find out what needed to be cut. Mr. T., had left to get some nails or something so there was no one to ask. I was like well lets just measure it out then, and everybody except Joy backed off and said they would rather just wait for Mr. T. to get back. It was not that hard, it just involved thinking and nobody wanted to do it...Joy and I got it done before Mr. T. came back saving everybody 10 minutes of standing around....