Thursday, May 29, 2008

NA '08 Our friend Steve

We met a great number of new folks while at NA, but the one who sticks out in both our minds the most is Steve. The following pictures speak for themselves.....

Steve was a tall dude, notice his head peeking over the door.Group shot
Steve chilling on the bed
Steve heading down in the elevator
Steve relaxed by the pool
Running off a few extra roots while catching the basketball game.
Steve getting some nourishment after his run
Steve hanging out, star watching
Sarah and Rebekah were put off because Steve was not paying them enough attention.
While outside, Steve noticed some natives and decided to go "au naturel"
It was too much for the poor guy. So moved by emotion, he swooned right there!
Steve is down!
After that swoon Sarah was kind enough to help Steve get back upstairs.
Steve back in his real natural habitat, some guys just don't belong outside


  1. Natalie said...

    Oh my goodness! That is too funny! Especially the pictures of Steve swooning in the parking lot...poor Steve. :(

    What's even more funny is picturing y'all dragging this fake tree around the hotel! :D Did anyone see you doing all of this?

  2. rebecca said...

    That is so funny! And I was also wondering if anyone noticed what you were doing...

  3. Will said...

    Well, I was in charge of moving Steve and Sarah and Rebekah were in charge of scouting out the locations. Since Steve was a plant, it was actually pretty easy to mask what we were doing. Whenever anyone sounded like they were heading our way we just stuck him in a nearby corner and looked the other way! :p

    The pool shot was the hardest, a couple came in right after us, and we had Steve in a corner, but the couple would not leave and after about 10 minutes of us aimlessly wondering around the pool waiting for them to leave they started giving us funny looks. :p We ended up having to come back for that shot.

  4. mandolinartist said...

    ...Speaking of too much caffeine...


  5. Jeremy said...

    I was wondering what Steve's full time care givers must have thought seeing him out and about so much.