Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Political Rambling

Today is NC's primary for the November elections. Rather than join most of the United States on February 5th, we wait three more months to have our primaries. The lateness does not matter that much except usually by this time a presidential candidate has been picked and it does not really matter who you vote for. This year is an exception for the Democratic party, NC's primary actually has some meaning in that race, but since McCain is really the only guy left for the Republicans their presidential primary is, to quote Matthew West, "going through the motions".

The fact that McCain will be the the eventual Republican nominee bugs me, as I don't particularly like McCain, he has some good things going for him but I have felt all along he is more in the mold of a Kennedy style liberal than a Reagan conservative. At the start of '08 there were several candidates who would have been a better choice but in a bewildering display of indecisiveness the public seemed to go with McCain more as a default, "he has been there before" choice rather than the best candidate for the job.

The Republican party only has itself to thank for this mess, then again the leadership probably does not even view this as a mess. :p Still, I am not a fan of the idea that staying home on election day "teaches leadership in a party a lesson" it could actually do irreparable damage to our already muddled political situation. Our government is so far from where it was when this nation was first founded, political correctness is killing us, our inability to have or stand by any type of principle is eroding our very society. Yet decayed and decrepit, we continue to meander though darkness refusing to turn to the light, unaware of the impending precipice. Ugh, it is enough to make you want to get into politics if only to try to bring about a little bit of change for the better. :)


  1. Beth said...

    Is McCain sort of a sacrificial candidate? Maybe Republicans are thinking that they don't stand much of chance this year so we might as well give the old fella a chance at it? He didn't get my vote yesterday, and probably won't in November unless he does something drastically righteous in the meantime.

    The reason to vote in the primaries, though, is to get the right people into local offices. That's not as exciting, of course. :) But all three main presidential candidates are Senators. Until we start voting in the good guys at the local level we're not going to find them running for the top job.

  2. Will said...

    I don't think McCain is a sacrificial candidate. I think a lot of folks rather than supporting a candidate with solid conservative principles, chose to go for him because they thought he had the best chance of winning the presidency. He actually does have a good chance, mainly because he will appeal to moderate Democrats.