Thursday, May 8, 2008

Notebook Blogging Season Final

Well this is the last "Notebook blogger" for a while, today was the last day of the spring semester. These past two days we had our finals which actually were a lot easier than I thought they were going be. We had one where we had to estimate the materials for a complete house and one involving building code.

I am not one of those lucky individuals who possesses a photographic memory where everything you read or see is ingrained in your subconsciouses. Rather my memory is slightly strange in that I tend to have very detailed memories of events, almost like instant replay of things that have happened in my life. Almost everyone I know has their own "instant replay" section in my mind, all I do is think of that person and it is like a list of clips starts playing. It is weird, I may have not seen someone in years and we come in contact with each other and my mind will go to the time we were playing hide-n-go-seek and they hid in the trash can!

Anyway it is sometimes hard for me to remember things the way you need to for tests, fortunately as we have built our house building code has been an ever constant topic so for the building code test lot of the questions I was just able to remember a specific event and remember the answers. Remember than guy I mentioned in an earlier post who offered to pay me to do his English homework?

Well during the estimation test, he was sitting behind me and he whispers my name. I turn around and he says, "Will, help a brother out, how many studs do we need?" I just laughed and turned back around and he continues on with "You want some money? I will buy you lunch" This was right after Mr. T. has said "and I don't want anyone sharing answers" :p

I have really enjoyed class, I know this will sound cheesy but being back in a learning environment has reminded me how much fun it is to learn new stuff. Sometimes in the daily grind we forget about learning something new and just go about our lives, which is fine, but learning new stuff is great.

At the beginning of the year, I was not sure what specifically I would doing this summer but I have reached a decision. I am going to spend the summer in Alaska as a float plane pilot. :D Wow, you might think, I did not even know you knew how to fly a float plane Will! My answer is, I am always full of surprises..........but yeah, the above line while something I think would be fun is completely false.

I do want to get my pilots certificate but that currently involves more money than I have sitting around so I am of a serious mind to just become a political lackey for the summer, try to get some people of value into the places they can do the most good. Maybe that will be the title of my Thursday posts from now on, "Ramblings of a political lackey".......has a catchy ring doesn't it?


  1. Matthew said...

    Wow, a float plane pilot! Your blog, at least, is full of surprises anyway ;-)

  2. Natalie said...

    That's funny about the guy asking you for the answers, and trying to bribe you with lunch! :D I could totally imagine how that sounded! lol

  3. abigail said...

    I'll miss the Notebook Blogging, I have really enjoyed them!

  4. Will said...

    Thanks Abigail :)