Friday, May 23, 2008

People being stupid news item of the week

CONFLUENCE, Pa. (AP) - Two Somerset County men are charged with trying to steal live power lines that were still attached to a transformer and utility poles.

Police said Kevin Lee Lytle, 27, and Daniel Jay Basinger, 24, both of Confluence, were shocked during the theft attempt on May 3 in Lower Turkeyfoot Township.

Both were charged Wednesday, but only Basinger was well enough to attend his arraignment on the attempted theft charge.

Police say the incident disrupted power to area residences for about five hours. Penelec Power Co. owns the lines which suffered $1,500 damage.


  1. mandolinartist aka Amanda said...

    How ridiculous! I guess they got their due punishment, and I would say they learned their lesson, but I'm not sure they are smart enough to get it...