Monday, May 26, 2008

Ok, so I was going to post sooner but, everything has been crazy since Friday!! On Friday Sam came over to mow our fields. He brought alone Neil and Joshua. After Sam finished my Mother took the opportunity to have him cut Matt and Nick's hair. While the rest of us either swung or set on the deck and talked!

Around 3:30 Rebekah showed up to teach piano and Abigail came with her. They were both staying the night. The guys left around 6:30 for home. Abigail, Molly, Sam, Matthew and I went outside to help my Dad clean the garage. Then we ate dinner. After dinner we watched Bella, which I did not like! To many flash backs and flash forwards. After that we went to bed!

Saturday Morning Will, Sarah, and Rebekah left for KY at 6:00 in the morning. Thanks to Sarah we all got up at that time. After breakfast took some pictures!

Then we left for a Church graduation party. I did have some pictures of that but I can't find them! Oh, well! After the party we left Abigail with her brother, and headed back home. After arriving home my mother and I made food for Church. We ate dinner, and went to bed.

Sunday Morning we had Church and then lunch. We got home around 2:30. We cleaned up, did music and had dinner. Then we watch a movie Nick said was really good! It was a very bad movie!! After that we went to bed.

(A few of the guys of TBC jamming on their guitars. This picture is a few weeks old!)

On Monday My Mother, Molly and I went shopping! They had a great sale, buy one get one for $1. I was able to get a pair of shoes, two shirts, and two pairs of pants.

Sarah, Will, and Rebeka will be back early Wednesday morning.
So long everyone !



  1. abigail said...

    Yikes, I would not like to meet myself!! lol :D
    I had a very good time!

    I like the clothes you got too, especially the yellow shirt.

  2. Trina said...

    that third picture brings back memories for me...;)

  3. abigail said...

    The "TBC guys" picuture looks like something that would be on the front of an album :D
    "Enil and the Irresitibles" :p

  4. Enil said...

    take the "and" out of that title and it fits perfect...