Friday, May 2, 2008

People being stupid news item of the week

FORT WORTH, Texas, April 30 (UPI) -- Police in Fort Worth, Texas, said a man has been arrested after he presented a check made out for $360 billion to bank tellers.

Bank employees told investigators that the check held by Charles Ray Fuller, 21, made them suspicious, so they phoned the account holder and verified that the check was bogus, the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reported Wednesday.

The account holder told bank employees that Fuller was her daughter's boyfriend and did not have permission to deposit or cash the check.

Police said Fuller told them during his arrest that he is attempted to start a record label and his girlfriend's mother gave him the check to help fund his operation.

Arresting officers said they found just under two ounces of marijuana and a .25-caliber handgun with a magazine on his person.

Fuller was charged with fraud, unlawfully carrying a weapon and possession of marijuana. He was released Thursday on $3,750 bail.


  1. Jessica said...

    Sometimes it's just a little easier to take out a loan...