Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Reposting of Cell Phone Tip #73

A cell phone incident occurred yesterday and it immediately brought to mind "Cell Phone Tip #73" which was posted last year. I figure it is worth posting again so from the archives of September 2007, Cell Phone Tip #73:

When talking to another person by cell phone, if the call is dropped in a bad service area the person who initiated the call is responsible for calling back. Both parties should not try to call each other right after the dropped call, as this usually will result in a busy signal as they both try to reach each other. When a call is dropped the original "caller" should be the one to once again try to reach the "callee" if followed, this tip can save much frustration for the members of a dropped call and put an end to voice mail that starts out like "I just lost you, and now your line is busy...."


  1. jon said...

    have u done that before will

  2. Matthew said...

    This tip, however, is ineffectual unless the original caller know about it, and he usually doesn't. I suggest a more complicated but more reliable alternative: use high-tech moder psychology to guess whether the person on the other phone will call back, and how long they'll wait before calling, and act accordingly.

  3. Will said...

    Haha well psychology is not exactly my best subject so I have just memorized all the cell phone "dead zones" in my area and whenever I know I am coming to one I remind the person on the other end about the rule. I actually think all my friends who I talk to regularly know the rule. Education is the key, which is why I reposted it. :p