Monday, August 20, 2007

Filming on a lazy Sunday afternoon

Yesterday, having nothing better to do my sister and I decided we should make a film clip to some music. We had thought about doing it for a long time but it always seemed to be at 10:30 or 11 at night. :p Anyway driving home from church we decided we had most of the afternoon free and we should try filming. Our scene was to be a wild west shootout, but somehow that morphed into people with trench coats and cowboy hats using colt .45s sorta a mix of the west meets the1920's. We also decided that due to the oppressive heat we were going to film indoors which for a wild west shoot is a little out there...

Our barn would have been perfect but using it would have involved an hour or more of clean up and unless it is an absolute necessity cleaning the barn is not something you want to do at all let alone in the heat. ;) So we resorted to filming in a hallway in our house. This caused a ruckus since it was the hallway where all our younger brothers and sisters have their rooms. They of course decided to watch the filming and our youngest brother Matthew even decided he should dress up to match us. Samuel, who is a few years older than Matthew, also decided to pull out a book on wild west outlaws and inform me of all I needed to match a picture in the book... For a while it was a bit crazy as we set up but then as we started and everyone discovered how boring the filming was the younger generations decided to go watch a real movie and leave Sarah and I on our own.

Once we got rolling it was about as slow as molasseses, much of the reason for this was trying to teach Sarah how to use the camera when I had a scene. But there were also a few retakes due to us laughing or smiling at the wrong times. After about an hour and a half Sarah and I both agreed that even being inside we were getting pretty hot since we were in these trench coats and stupidly had them all buttoned up even when we were not filming. I decided we would just make due with what we had and see what it would look like once edited. Later that evening after about 30 minutes of editing, we had our masterpiece! Ok maybe not a masterpiece, after the editing and everything the total time of our clip is like 1 minute 20 seconds and we could have done a better job acting it out especially the part where we shoot guns but overall it came out pretty good.


  1. battered bob said...

    I want to see it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!