Monday, August 27, 2007

Pointy high heel shoes?

Seriously, what is the deal? There is no way they are comfortable and I personally don't even think they look that good on women. Maybe I am the only person who thinks that because they are enormously popular and have been for years but I still can't understand it. The reason this is even on my mind is today I brought my granddad to an appointment he had with a hearing aid sales person and while she was talking I looked down and happened to see a pair of weapons on her feet!!!

I kid you not, exactly like that! Besides their dangerous nature they also looked way too big for her feet, it was almost like she was standing on tiptoe right about where the bend is on the bottom of the shoe. It was obvious that the first three inches of the shoe was just empty space. I personally don't know why someone would wear something like that at all, let alone while working! Anyway I just felt like getting that off my chest, I am not going to pretend to know the faintest thing about woman's fashion and this is something I probably will never understand.

Oh! Before my sister comes along and adds some color commentary, I want to clarify that I have no problem with women wearing heels, I understand it makes woman feel taller and shows their legs off a bit. For that matter my boots have about a 3/4in heel. What I am lost about is high, pointy heels like the picture above.....


  1. battered bob said...

    YESSSS!!!! Someone who finally understands where I stand on high heels!! (No pun intended).
    My DEAR sister does NOT see eye to eye on this matter. She still kills herself by wearing them.
    And like why do you want to look taller?? So that you can tower over the men??? I mean come on!!
    And girls won't admit it but.....THEY ABSOLUTELY KILL!!!!!
    Believe me I have tried to wear them before!!!
    If you look in my shoe closet you will only see nice FLAT shoes!!!
    Rock on me!!!!

  2. Will said...

    Wooo! Rock on flat shoe wearin, chicken neck cuttin, electric fence jumpin friend!!!!

  3. Anonymous said...

    They're for kicking guys where it hurts and then finishing off what's left of their manhood with a deft stab of those heels!Dangerous and powerful and thus very sexy!

    Men may protect weakness and helplessness but they respect power, - and real men relish a challenge!