Friday, August 17, 2007


It has been a few days since I have been on. The reason being I have been trying to get my fall routine started before we start orchestra in September. This means getting up at 6:00 and practicing violin for two hours. The rest of the morning is helping Sam (another brother) with violin, practicing piano for an hour, another hour of violin, and helping Matthew (yet another brother, I have four :) Then I have lunch. I hope the description of my morning was not too boring. But then again, in my few days absence from the blog, William wrote an epic about how much he hates hot weather. I am getting really excited about school this year. I actually graduated from high school two years ago, but this year my mom is starting a new curriculum called Tapestry of Grace. The younger kids are going to be studying the Middle ages and Renaissance. They are also going to be focusing on church history. Since I have not really studied this time period (well not in depth) I decided to read all the books and help my mom at the Co-op that we have once a week. My mom and I will be leading the discussions regarding all the reading. I will also get to help in the nursery. :) Some of the books we have to read are more like textbooks especially the one on church history and I was afraid they would be boring. I actually enjoyed reading them.
Other than starting school, nothing much has happened around here. William and my dad were gone for half the week. William came back looking like he had a skin disease. As previously mentioned, he got sunburnt while we were in NY. When he came back from SA, he was in the peeling stage. ewwwwww!!!!

I know I said I would post exciting NY stories, just hold on, they are coming sometime soon.


  1. Olivia Joy said...
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  2. Battered Bob said...

    I think i should be allowed to preview your "exiting NY stories."

  3. Sarah said...

    Why should I let someone named Battered Bob preview my " exciting NY stories?" If you give me a good reason, maybe I'll let you preview one story.