Thursday, August 16, 2007

The sun, heat and sticky humidity

In honor of my recent skin peeling sun burn, I am going to rant a bit on the sun and heat in general. This will probably be the first of many rants from me as I tend to get things stuck in my head and until I get them out they just keep going around and around. Anyway on the subject of the sun and heat, I HATE 'EM!

Ok, well I guess I don't really hate the sun, but I hate the heat which comes from the sun so it is not without some blame. I like cold weather, I like snow, I like waking up in the morning and seeing your breath in front of you as you walk on a ice cube of a wooden floor. I don't like heat. Ok, well I actually don't mind heat if I am swimming because then I am in nice cool water - not freezing water, freezing water bugs me but still not as much as hot water which gets hot from what? Our rant topic: HEAT (Off topic for a sec, there is a film called Heat, that has a great shoot out scene in I think downtown L.A. rest of the movie is meh but the shoot out is outstanding)

Anyway I do not like heat or hot sticky humid weather, I live with it and work in it but that does not mean it does not bug me or drive me up a wall, a concrete wall that happens to be in direct sunlight and 130 degrees to the touch. When I get in my car to head home from work, I don't like having a branding iron for a steering wheel for the first 5 minutes even though I parked in the modest shade of some little tree. When it is hot outside and you are sweating there really is nothing you can do alone to cool yourself down. Sure you can go swimming but that takes water, you could stay indoors all the time but then you are relying on the air conditioning to keep you cool. This is probably the main reason why I don't like heat, I like being outdoors and when you are outside and it is 105 and the humidity is @ 60% or some other awful percentage it is just uncomfortable plain and simple.

In cold weather, while it might be chilly to just stand around outside it is only a matter of being active and you will warm yourself right up, if you are working in the cold, say chopping wood, then after a while the physical act of chopping the wood is going to keep your body at a comfortable temperature. What happens if you chop wood in 105 degree weather? You sweat more! If it is cold outside, what is the first thing you are going to do before heading out? Depending on the temperature outdoors maybe put another layer or two on, maybe some gloves or a hat and you can keep yourself nice and cozy. If it is hot outside, what do you do? Put on shorts, maybe flip-flops, if you are a guy depending on what you are doing you could go sans shirt. But after that it is not like you can take off more layers to keep cool, you are destined to a sweaty outdoor experience depending on the outdoor temp of course.

The other day there was this magazine I saw called vacation homes or something, anyway I start flipping through it and they have this huge article on how great Arizona is for a retirement or vacation home. What on earth? There is now this huge market of people who want to retire in Arizona! I think maybe these older people who want to go spend the rest of their lives in a desert have already had a little too much heat to their brains! Granted there is probably less humidity than here on the east cost but still, year after year of constant 85-100+ degree weather ugh! One last note, in a weird irony I actually like spicy and hot foods, but when it comes to the heat outdoors I can't stand it!