Saturday, August 25, 2007

I feel like Olivia !!!!!

You may think that since I don't post, I am a ghost
Thats not true, I just have more important things to do. :) a rhyme by Will about me!!

The funniest thing happened driving home today. I was talking to Will about Utah. Rather than saying Utah, I said UHAA. Finding my mistake funny, I turned it into a battle cry, and enthusiastically threw my arms in the air and yelled UUUHAAAAA. When I mean enthusiastically, I mean feet out the window, arms stretched out hitting Will in the face, eyes closed and yelling at the top of my lungs. Ohh, and did I mention that the windows were rolled completely down?? Any way, I finish my battle cry and open my eyes to find a truck in the opposite lane about to go by us. I look at the guy driving and he is WAVING ENTHUSIASTICALLY BACK AT ME!!! What a weirdo. At that moment I felt like Olivia. :0
See I do post, I just have to have exciting things happen to me to post about .



  1. Will said...

    I just have to add this post probably makes no sense unless you happen to have the pleasure of knowing Olivia ;)

  2. battered bob said...

    Well, well, well, someone decided to come out of hiding and post.
    Hmmm, I wouldn't exactly call knowing me a "pleasure", more like, ummm, a scary adventure.
    And BTW I have NO idea why she named the post what she did, cause I would certainly NEVER do anything like that.
    But the other day I did do something really stupid.
    We were playing volley-ball with friends, and I am sure you remember how we have to always fetch the ball from under the fence, well, they have all these big boys and they would always run and jump the fence, grab the ball and jump back over. So I decided that I would show them I could do the same thing(does anyone see failure looming in the distance?). Anyways, I ducked under the fence and grabbed the ball and started running trying to pick up as much momentum as I could so that I would be able to catapult myself over the fence. As I ran I noticed 2 amish boys driving towards me in an open carriage. I almost stopped mid stride thinking that if I didn't make it I was going to look really stupid, but I pushed that thought out of my head telling myself I would most certainly make it.
    Before I knew it the fence was upon me, I gave one mighty push with my feet and went flying through the air. I was up there so long I was beginning to think someone was going to serve me a soda and pretzels, just as this thought was racing through my head my feat caught on the top wire. Before I could scream I was being somersaulted thru the air and the ground was coming fast!!! I landed with a thud on my back.I lay there stunned after my flight. When I got my bearings and realized with relief that no bones were broken and no body parts were missing I slowly lifted my head up, the amish boys were just passing their eyes were as big as saucers and they stared at me til they couldn't see me anymore. I began to laugh, it started as a small giggle and then turned into loud roar. Soon everyone from the volley-ball court was laughing with me.
    It suffices to say that I have not attempted to jump the fence since :). Well now I have given your readers no reason to believe what I said above about not being the type to do something like that. But wait, I am the only one who reads this blog anyways, or am I just the only one brave enough to leave comments?
    Now you all know why my user name is what it is :).

  3. Will said...

    Whoa, looong comment! That is longer than the post maybe we should make you a guest poster :p I also think you might be one of the few people who actually reads the blog. With me going off on rants about the heat and Sarah MIA I am not sure how many consistent readers we have :/