Wednesday, August 22, 2007

A squirrel, a skunk and a chicken

I drive close to an hour, one way, coming and going to work each day. It is a bit of pain where I sit down and by that I mean my wallet and the money that flows from it in an endless stream to the gas pump :( Even though gas is now close to 2.00 more per gallon than when I first got my license, I still love to drive and the two hours I spend in the car, sometimes especially in the afternoon, is one of the highlights of my day. I roll down the windows, turn up the music and just cruise through the country side. Because of the time I spend in my car road kill is a fact of driving, I have seen everything from turtles to horses on the side of, or in the middle of the road.

This morning heading into work there seemed to be an abundance of dead animals lying around, probably because of the thunderstorm we had last night. Unfortunately for several animals I had the music pumping and was just minding my own business when they decided life was not worth living anymore. Since I was the cause of death I decided I would turn the music off and compose them a few lines as an obituary. They sounded so good in my car that I figured I would post them here.

Indecision kills and by the blood on my wheels it seems the squirrel who could not decide which way to go is now dead on the road.

The little white chicken lay dead in the road feathers all around, how did you explode? Your featherless body lays for the world to see on a back road in the country.

The carcass of a skunk mangled beyond recognition, the stench is overpowering with no inhibition, I can barely breath as my nostril flare trying in vain to find some clean air!

hmm now that I have typed them out they sound rather morbid :/


  1. battered bob said...

    Lol! That is hilarious!
    I would like to see what would have happened to "Sarah's" blog if you weren't a contributer :).
    BTW, What is up with your PG rating?
    I may not be able to view your blog anymore ;).

  2. Broiled Lobster said...

    Well I am glad they made someone else laugh. Things in your head sometimes don't seem as funny when typed out :p Oh and the reason the blog is PG is because of this post! To quote the ratings board:

    This rating was determined based on the presence of the following words:

    * shoot (4x)
    * dead (3x)
    * death (1x)


  3. Anja Lee said...