Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sleepy Rufus

I have something to admit, I have an alter ego, sleepy Rufus.... Most people have never met sleepy Rufus mainly because he only seems to show up once I have gone to sleep, but boy does he cause trouble! If you have not already figured it out, sleepy Rufus likes to sleep, actually he lives to sleep. This is fine by me since like most people, I also like to sleep. Usually Rufus and I keep to the unwritten code we have, I am in charge when I want to be but at night when I am tired and want to hit the sack he can do his thing which is of course, sleep.

The trouble with having an alter ego is sometimes they make you do stupid things. One time I was staying in a hotel and went to sleep. Sleepy Rufus, in a rare moment of awake-ness decided he wanted to go do an experiment of some kind so he made me get out of bed, open the hotel room door and head down the hall in the middle of the night! I have no idea what kind of experiment sleepy Rufus wanted to do, but whatever it was, it was not important enough to go roaming the halls of a hotel in the middle of the night. Sleepy Rufus also sometimes steals the thoughts I am thinking when I go to sleep and uses them in his dreams, and he has very vivid dreams! This is somewhat disconcerting because sometimes in the middle of the night I will wake up and I am not sure if sleepy Rufus was dreaming something or it is actually happening. I once woke up early in the morning thinking the stock I had bought the day before had tanked overnight and I had lost the trade. I even went so far as to run over and check it on the computer. Stupid sleepy Rufus!

Most of the time, when I feel like waking up I will send sleepy Rufus to his bed in the corner of my brain and I will get up. Usually I get up when I want to without an alarm. Sleepy Rufus hates the alarm, so I only use it as a precaution on days when I have to be somewhere at a specific time. Yesterday was one of those days, I wanted to be in town by 7:45am and since I live an hour away I needed to be in the car @ 6:45, simple enough. I set my alarm for 6:15 so I would have enough time to grab something to eat and went to sleep. For some reason I woke up @ 5:30, this is not good I thought, now I will just lie here waiting for 6:15 to come around, but then sleepy Rufus showed up.

He starts reminding me how soft my pillow is and how I need these extra 45 minutes of sleep to have a good day. I should not have listened to him but I did, and I turned over and went back to sleep. At 6:15 the alarm rang, I could hear it ringing from the wonderful marshmallow cloud where sleepy Rufus and I were lying. I reached and turned it off and started to roll out of bed when all of a sudden the wonderful marshmallow cloud we were on morphed into a giant cotton candy roller coaster with gum drop cars and candy canes for rails! Sleepy Rufus said "Why get out of bed, when you could be riding on a gum drop and having fun with me?" he made a good point. Forgotten was my 7:45 appointment, nothing could compare to the opportunity to ride a gum drop on a cotton candy roller coaster!!!

I am sure you can figure out what happened next, I climbed aboard that gum drop and away sleepy Rufus and I went, it was great! That is until at 6:48 when I snapped awake with my heart pounding, knowing I had overslept. Needless to say I was not in town @ 7:45, I got there at 8:05 but it ended up working out better that way so maybe I should listen to sleepy Rufus more often.....


  1. battered bob said...

    Wow, that is the weirdest post I have read on anyones bog for a long time, actually............NEVER!!!
    Ya, that scares me.
    Anyways glad he didn't show up while you were at our house. I shiver to think what he might have done.
    Weird, weird and weirder, that is all I have to say.

  2. Will said...

    Lol what was weirder the marshmallow cloud or the giant cotton candy roller coaster? :D And he did show up one night when we were there, he made me walk into your crazy bathroom door that always swings to the kitchen...Besides I know what time you sleepy heads roll out in the morning. Are you telling me it is not sleepy Joy keeping you in that bed until 9-10AM?

  3. ba said...

    Oh ya, it's sleeping joy alright.
    Probably the candy roller-coasters got me the worst.
    Oh and BTW, that wasn't sleeping Rufus that night....I rigged that door!!!!!!!! Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha.

  4. Battered Bob said...

    Oops, I pushed published before I could get battered bob out! Lol.
    It just adds to it........I guess :).

  5. Sarah said...

    My alter ego has never ever offered to ride a gum drop on a cotton candy roller coaster. I feel deprived.:(

  6. Will said...

    I am sorry to hear that Sarah, you must have a very dull life :p

  7. Sarah said...

    No, my life is not dull.
    Not with you as a brother. he he

  8. Ana said...

    Hummmm ... veeeeeeeeeeeery interesting. ;) I think I should have liked to eat the roller coaster instead of riding it.