Sunday, August 26, 2007

The flame no longer burns

The flame of life, bright and cheery has been put out in a world that is weary

darkness clouds the heart and we longer sing how great Thou art
for we have turned away, the sense of right and wrong long gone
humanism has wrapped the soul in a chain and all it feels is pain

The hope we should have in You has been misled, we live among the spiritual dead,
who can not see their preoccupation with a perfect world
has overtaken the warning cry from an imperfect heart and soul.

Only you Lord can set us free, to shine again as witness to Your glory


  1. battered bob said...

    Oh my gosh! That is so cool!
    Did you take the pictures yourself?
    The poem is awesome as well.
    BTW yes indeed they were married for 80 years and they were both like right around 100!!!!

  2. Will said...

    Yes the pictures are mine, the wedding ring in the last post was as well. I personally think the pictures are better than the poem. In any type of verse type writing every word is so important and converting what I want to express into that format is not something I do very well....