Friday, August 10, 2007

Greetings 1.2

I am Sarah's brother Will, and while I am busy and might not post everyday I will try to stay current and post a few times a week. Take everything Sarah posts with a grain of salt as it may be true but with a slight exaggeration. While I am in charge of 4-8 movie screenings a month it is far from my true love and most time I don't even stay to watch the film. I am currently sporting a magnificent blood red sunburn on my shoulders and upper arms that hurts like nothing else. My skin has been on fire for 3 days and I still can't move my arms without stabbing pain. It really is wild, you don't think about your skin actually hurting when you move but with as bad a sunburn as I have every little move of my upper body brings pain. I got the sunburn when I went out to play volleyball and then went tubing all in the heat of the day while staying at some friend's house. Yes I sometimes don't think before I act.


  1. Olivia Joy said...

    Better known as "The red lobster".

  2. The Red Lobster said...