Wednesday, November 21, 2007

A Ham

Well another Wednesday has arrived and for a change I thought I might have something interesting to blog about! For Thanksgiving we are having my dad's family over so we will have around 30 people at our house. For the past week we have been cleaning everything in sight and my Mother and sisters have been cooking. Because my dad has been out of town, the job of picking up the ham today fell on me.

I was actually looking froward to it since I figured I would be in line for 30 minute to an hour at least and something interesting was bound to happen standing in line for an hour! Alas it was not to be. :( There were no fights in the parking lot over parking spaces, there was actually a police officer directing everyone so the task of parking was easy enough.

Then when I got in the back of the 50+ person line, the line actually moved rather fast and there were not any loud talkative ladies carrying on conversations I could listen in on! The pick up and check out process was a breeze as well and took all of 2 minutes! In about 15 minutes I was actually back in my car heading down the road. Yes this is going to sound crazy, but I left the ham place with mixed feelings, a sense of accomplishment at a task done, and a sense of disappointment that everything went so smoothly in a timely manner. I know, what is wrong with me? The answer to that question could take hours, so I will just give an answer regarding one of the complexities of, well, me: I. LIKE. CHAOS.

Don't read into that too much, :p I don't go around creating chaos and disasters wherever I go just because I like chaos. But if a chaotic situation is going to happen I want to be there. That is one reason I like thunderstorms. While I do like chaotic situations, I try not to live my life in complete disarray, I do like order and organization and herein lies the reason why I like chaos. Order and organization stem from chaos, the ability to be in a whirlwind of activity and remain calm, to create order from the chaos around you, to accomplish something in the midst of activity is for me, exhilarating.

Heh sorry this post is running down a rabbit hole, I sat down thinking this was going to be a short post on picking up a ham and I somehow got to creating order in chaos! There is much more I could go on about, but in the interest of not possibly boring readers, I am going end this post with the prayer that everyone has a great Thanksgiving with their family. :)


  1. Jeremy said...

    I can understand what perfectly what you're saying.

    I think that it comes from the ability to keep a cool head when everything around you is falling or has fallen apart.

    So in the chaos of having a large group of extended family at your house have a very Happy Thanksgiving.