Friday, November 16, 2007

People being Stupid News item of the Week

Two stories today, both involving animals!

Man Charged With Toad-Licking

David Theiss, 21, was arrested after police said he was trying to get high with the Colorado River toad. Officers in Clay County said it is the first time they've ever charged someone with toad-licking. Residents in Kansas City said toad-licking is becoming more common.

"People used to do it all the time, a long time ago, but it kind of faded out for a while. but now I think it is coming back as a fad," animal expert Danny Snyder said. "It is not a real smart fad, but it is coming back as one."The Colorado toad has glands that release venom strong enough to kill small animals. The venom also contains hallucinogenic chemicals, according to a UPI report."The toxins in it can kill a lot of things," Synder said.

Runaway Pigs Lead Chase on Iowa Streets

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) — Pigs running loose on the streets? That's not the kind of call an animal control officer relishes. Take it from Leah Messmer, who spent about 35 minutes chasing down two pot-bellied pigs Wednesday morning across several Davenport streets.

"You really have to go after them," said Messmer, noting that this was not the first time she had to chase down a runaway pig. "They dart in and out of cars and somebody could get hit. That's why you have to catch 'em. Poor little buggers."

The pigs darted between passing cars and explored various streets on the city's west side — all while their pursuers tried in vain to corner them, even attempting a few unsuccessful dives.
The chase included two officers from animal control, two police officers and a couple MidAmerican Energy employees.

The pigs were first spotted about 7:30 a.m. by a caller who alerted authorities. Right away, Messmer knew she was in for a long morning. Luckily, experience was on her side. Learning from her first pig chase, Messmer knew to grab a blanket.

"They're tough," she said. "They have no necks so you really can't get a collar on them."

The first pig was captured behind a hotel. The second wandered behind the hotel, then doubled back. Along the way, workers at various businesses stuck their heads out in disbelief. Some went back in to retrieve cameras.

Patrol officer R.F. Grover didn't quite believe the call. He texted some friends and called his wife while he tried to head off the pig in his squad car. The last one finally was captured in a car lot, cornered between two vehicles awaiting repair.

The pigs will be sent to an animal shelter, Messmer said. She presumed they were pets from someone living in the area. "They're like dogs," she said. "They tend to go back to familiar places."

This quote from the animal control officer: "They have no necks so you really can't get a collar on them." :p ROFL that has got to be the funnest thing I have read in the news in a long time!


  1. abigail said...

    Toad licking??? Gross!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Sleepy Joy said...

    Ya, the toad licking is gross....Hmmm, does kissing frogs fall into that catagory?....

  3. Seepy Joy said...

    Sorry, I don't know how I just did that....

  4. Guy with the power said...

    No worries it is gone