Friday, November 2, 2007

Here are some pictures from when our dear friends Anja and Olivia decided to pay us a long 0verdue visit.

One day Anja and Sarah decided to jump out of a car (never fear Mother.... the car was not moving!!!) William decided to rev his engine to make them look did not work....the revving engine did, however, make Sarah jump about three feet!! But she didn't look back....that is all that matters. :)
Its Out!!! I know...Its Out!! umm...wait we are both saying that the ball went out. oops!
Olivia pretending to be Nicholas mediating in the cubby-hole.
Matthew, give me (Anja) the ball....come on.... Matthew, Look, that is Anja...see she needs the ball......
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  1. abigail said...

    Wish I could have met them while they were down...maybe next time

  2. LIv :) said...

    Love the pictures Sarah...the one of us arguing about the exact same thing is a riot....the one in the cubby hole is pathetic cause I can't keep a straight face :)
    very nice picture of you and Anja walking up the driveway :)

    Abigail, you could stow away in Will's car when they come to visit us in December! Pack warm :) he he :)