Thursday, November 15, 2007

A thought on food and the movies

You are sitting watching a movie and the actors on screen are cooking a meal or eating, or for that matter, just ordering food at a restaurant. Then, for reasons unknown, even though you are not hungry, hearing about or seeing the food makes your stomach growl and from some hidden part of your body you instantly start craving whatever it is that is on the screen or being talked about. "YES", you may say to yourself, "This has happened to me!" You may wonder why the film studios torture their poor film viewers in such a manner. I too, used to wonder why they put mouth watering food on screen but today as I ate my lunch I came to the realization that is is all PETA's fault. PETA you may ask, yes, PETA! The People Eating Tasty Animals organization. I am not sure what their agreement is, but it seems to me that PETA must have some type of deal with Hollywood by which the studios show the actors eating and enjoying great tasting animals! I urge you to write PETA and tell them to remember the viewers of films, we should not have to suffer through watching Brad Pit eat wonderful food throughout a film, while we are stuck with over-salted popcorn and stale nachos! The time has come for a change, who is with me?


  1. Sleepy Joy said...

    When we got home Anja still raved about how well Brad Pitt could eat in that movie we watched :P

    Just for a random piece of information: I am sitting in the Rochester train station.....