Saturday, November 24, 2007

People being Stupid News item of the Week

Thieves Lose Car In Parking Lot, Ask Cops For Help

Chances are you've probably lost your car at a mall parking lot a time or too. But if you are a pack thieves stealing items from the mall and then hiding them in said car, you'd probably want to ask for help finding the car from someone other than police. Alas, that was not the case for three women and man from the Boston area over the weekend.

Police were called to the Natick Collection on Sunday after several stores reported thefts, including a $10,000 dollar purse. The "Natick Collection" is the new name for the Natick Mall, which re-opened in September after a massive expansion. It now includes dozens of high end retailers, including Bottega Veneta, where the purse was stolen from.

According to the Metro West Daily News, one of the clerks noticed the purse was gone and checked security tape which showed a man stealing it from a display. The store contacted several others, and discovered there had been other thefts. After looking at security tapes they all figured out it was the same guy.

A suspect, Parris Phillips, of Roxbury was soon arrested inside the mall, but he didn't have the purse. Officers told the paper that after looking at the tapes, they realized that Phillips appeared to be working with at least one woman. They then put out her description.

At the same time, a Newton Police officer was approached by three ladies who couldn't find their car in the mall's parking lot. The officer realized that one of the ladies matched that description and took all three into custody.

Police eventually found their car, and the missing $10,000 dollar purse sitting in the back seat in plain sight. They also found thousands of dollars worth of other items stolen from the mall. They also found wire cutters and a utility knife used to cut off security tags.