Monday, November 5, 2007

Huckabee for President

Yup that is right, I am making a post about the upcoming election. In just under a year, we in the United States will have our 55th presidential election. You might be thinking to yourself, "uh yeah, it is one year away, why are you posting about this William?" That is actually why I have not posted this earlier, I figured I would wait until we had a year to go before the election. :D

I guess a lot of people don't really start following the election and campaigning until after the respective primaries for each party. That is fine, but if you don't pay attention now, then you really will not have an idea of who to vote for in the primary! I am not going to try to convince anyone who they should vote for, but I am going to say who I think would be the best President out of everyone running. That is Mike Huckabee.

You might have noticed the Huckabee for President image on the sidebar to the right, it has been there several weeks. You may not have heard of Mike Huckabee, most people have not. You may only know about Giuliani, or McCain or Clinton or Obama...that might have to do with them being the "front runners" But just because someone is a "front runner" does not mean they are the best guy for the job. Unfortunately we currently seem to have this "follow the leader" or "do what is popular" mentality in America.

Because of this, unless the word gets out about better candidates like Mike Huckabee and for a lesser extent Ron Paul no one is going to know who they are come primary time. There is a bit of catch 22 there because if they had the funding they could help get their name out, but to get the donations they have to have their name out there for people to actually know to donate to.....

So I just want to encourage you to track the candidates in our upcoming presidential election, research their views and make an educated decision not one that is just following along with the crowd. After doing that I was more than convinced that out of all the candidates running Mike Huckabee is the right man for the job, but his name is only going to get out there if more people speak up. :) There is a good video interview of Mike Huckabee on his website HERE it is a bit long and if you are on dial up then I apologize it really is worth it though. :) - I Like Mike!


  1. LIv :) said...

    Oh commom!!! Hilary ALL THE WAY!!!!