Thursday, November 15, 2007

Well... This is ironic

Just a few minutes ago I was talking to william...waiting for him to play (and sing) a song that he wrote. The topic of blogging came up....I'm not sure if anyone noticed... but for that past week I was on a computer fast. I decided to see if I could go one week without going on the computer.. no reading checking computer access.

My week ended today and William asked me if I had posted anything. My response was this: I think of really neat things to post all day long especially when I am driving, I'll kinda talk out my ideas. Then I will sit in front of the computer and click new post aaannnddd nothing comes out. Its like I have a great white fuzzy thing blocking me from producing coherant thoughts. But while I was waiting and waiting and waiting for William to show off his song a great Sarah moment happened, and I had to blog about it. This stuff seems to happen to me often..

This pretty much sums it up....

Don't pretend to play your brother's eletric guitar.

If you must pretend to play your brother's eletric guitar make sure the guitar is unplugged.

Even if the guitar is unplugged do not dance around like a Rock star.

If you must dance around like a Rock star while pretending to play your brother's eletric guitar do not raise the guitar over your head and into the ceiling fan.
(This may be funny in tv or at a rock concert....not at home.)

And.... finally if you must dance around pretending to play the guitar (that belongs to your brother!!!) like a Rock star and you hit it into the fan, try to make sure that you brother is not watching you.
It did make a really funny sound the way.. the guitar is fine.... its just a little dent.


  1. sleepy Joy said...

    welcome back!!!!
    It was encouraging for me to know someone else was doing this too :)

    Ummm, are you sure Will's guitar is okay??!!!

  2. Will said...

    No my guitar is NOT ok!!! It is in shambles, the upper frets are all scratched and dented and the fan literally cut all the strings! It is a very sad day :( I had just figured out how to play this cool melody too!

    Ok yeah that is completely false :p The guitar only sustained minor blows and is in fine shape. Sarah's face the moment the guitar hit the fan and her reaction was well worth the slight dings!

  3. neil said...

    i didn't even know you had an electric guitar...